Monday, March 28, 2011

And We Meet Again

I know, I know, I never update this thing.  Working on it always.  Sorry, world.

Ok, now, I am sure that everyone out there is wondering what has happened in my life recently.  I'm living in France, the country with the most romantic reputation in the world: the French, French men, French wine, French cheese.  All of those seem quite romantic, well, except for the cheese--let's face it.

When I was younger; I thought of France and I thought of chateaux (castles) and romance, like every girl in the world probably.  I thought in the back of my mind that something terribly romantic would happen. 

Sorry romantics of the world, I don't want to ruin any ideals, but France and French life, all of it  is quite normal.  Maybe I have been thinking quite a lot about this recently because now I am single and living in France.  The romantic in me is still waiting for that Prince to ride up on a white horse and instantly fall in love--thank you, Disney for giving me unrealistic expectations. 

And recently, I have been thinking so much about love, attraction, lust, and all things related.  I've thought about love at first sight, can it exist? If it does exist, how do you find it?  And if you do find it, should you act on it?  That whole idea is kind of crazy.  If I can love someone instantly, what is there to say that we could actually spend a lifetime of happily ever after together?  How are couples still together after 35 years if I can't make it through 2 with someone?  Are some people destined to never find a partner? Am I one of those people? Do my ideals and ideas of life interrupt any relationship I might one day have?  But I guess these are just normal questions from a 22 year old single chick living in the romance capital of the world. 

So where was my point?

I don't think I have one today.

Sorry, world.

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