Thursday, September 30, 2010

In Liomoges

I finally made it to Limoges on Sunday. I met the head of the English department; his name is Alain. He is very nice and it's great to know that some people speak English because I have recently found out that I do not know enough French to get by here. Sad but true.

Alain took me to a Russian professor's home to stay the night and that was absolutely wonderful. She and her husband were so nice. She spoke English but he did not at all. They were the perfect French couple one would imagine. Everything was great, then Monday happened. I went to Renoir, went to an English class with Alain and realized that this is going to be very hard. I met my roommate at Labussiere named Maria, from Spain. Then the Spanish prof took us around the city. I didn't know his name or who he was, but he took us to lunch and then made us purchase a card (for what? I don't know; turned out it was for the bus) and he took us to Labussiere, the apartment for language assistants. Let's talk about this apartment: no internet, no tv, no radio, no living room, smallest kitchen I've ever seen, teeny-tiny fridge, hard bed, and the smallest armoir ever. I am going to make this work because I do not  want to pay more for my own apartment. But at this point, Maria and I don't really want the other assistant to show up so we can turn her room into a living room.

For now, I am overwhelmed and have no idea if I can do this for 8 months.

And hey, did you know that the keyboards for the computers are really funky here. They switched letters and for numbers, you have to shift. It's crazy! I need to get a memory stick so I can type on my computer and bring it to the school to put online.

Wish me luck, I'm going to need it.


  1. Sounds like you have had a lot of adventures so far! I'm glad you are ok! Have fun and you can do it Callie!!!!

  2. Callie!!! I believe in you girl. Yes it will be hard but I know you can do this and will gain a lot from it. Hang in there and know that there are plenty of people back home that love you and are thinking of you!!!

  3. And totally just realized that I spelled Limoges incorrectly. Ooops!